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Welcome to Video 101 – the ultimate course designed to equip you with the skills and strategies needed to create compelling video content that drives results. 

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You will follow the P.R.E.P. method:


Before diving into the world of video, it's essential to lay the groundwork for success. In the Prep module, we'll cover everything from understanding your audience and defining your message to planning your video content strategy. Get ready to set yourself up for video success from the very beginning!


Now that you're prepped and ready to roll, it's time to hit record! In the Record module, we'll dive into the nitty-gritty of capturing captivating video footage. From choosing the right equipment to mastering on-camera presence, you'll learn everything you need to know to create professional-quality videos that grab attention and keep your audience engaged.


With your footage in hand, it's time to polish it to perfection in the Edit module. Discover the secrets of video editing, from trimming and cutting to adding music and graphics. Learn how to create seamless transitions and captivating visuals that elevate your content and leave a lasting impression on your viewers.


Last but not least, it's time to share your masterpiece with the world in the Post module. Explore the various platforms and channels available for sharing your video content, from social media to email campaigns. Learn how to optimize your videos for maximum reach and engagement, and watch as your sales skyrocket!


Are you ready to take your B2B sales strategy to new heights with Video101? Don't miss out on this opportunity to master the art of video content creation and drive real results for your business. Enroll now and join me on this exciting journey to sales success!

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